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Building A Healthier Tomorrow

Through a scientific inquiry of the Microbiome & the Gut

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Thank you for the Excellence in Youth Leadership Award!

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Featured on Dr. Jacob Allen of UIUC's twitter page!


Receiving the MLK Service above Self award

My Book Launch/Signing!

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Thank you Senators Durbin & Duckworth, Representatives Budzinski & Lahood for the invitation to speak to you about the FARM Bill. 


Honored to have Illinois Representative Stephanie Kifowit come and support me at my book talk!


I work with organizations, clubs, and schools to promote healthy living. This is achieved by free workshops on microbiomes and gut health to illustrate their impacts on our overall health and well-being. My book on Amazon and local libraries "Microbiome - What's In It For Me?" and podcasts (available on Spotify and this website) featuring experts are great resources to learn more on this topic.


Through my healthy living program, I have already influenced 1000+ students by striking valuable partnerships with various community/social organizations and leaders. This has led to the formation of my nonprofit organization called HELM Foundation Inc., which caters to building community gardens, chef-led cooking sessions, and book donations to promote healthy food awareness and accessibility. 


My clients are organizations, clubs, and schools interested in spreading health awareness among their members, students, and communities. They mainly believe that a younger educator would be better suited to connect with and understand the needs of the students. Also, someone who can communicate effectively and create an engaging learning environment. 



I'm a senior at the Illinois Math and Science Academy and a resident of the City of Aurora, IL. I am also doing research at Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University, studying the efficacy of cancer drugs. I am actively involved in my community by participating in and leading multiple volunteering activities. My passion is to promote healthy living using the concept of microbiomes and gut health. There is an increasing trend in incidences of early onset of serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, and other irritable bowel diseases. And what better time than to use the formative years of students, teens, and young adults to inculcate healthy habits early in life! I conduct free workshops,  summer camps, online sessions, and games catered to specific audiences in a fun and interactive way to drive home the message of how important is to adopt a healthy diet and lifestyle.​ For those who are more curious, my book "Microbiome - What's In It For Me?" is available on Amazon and delves more into microbiomes and gut health. I also host "Microbiome - An Army Within Us, " a podcast on Spotify, where I interview leading medical professionals, specialists, cancer survivors, and health activists. Through the nonprofit "HELM Foundation" I founded, I develop community gardens and conduct healthy cooking sessions in the community in order to raise awareness of a healthy diet, lifestyle, and a sense of community camaraderie. 



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